Our Team

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Akarsh Aurora


Concerned by the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on student life, Akarsh sought a way to improve remote education and bring people together in a safe learning environment. XLearn became the channel through which he could apply his knowledge of computer science and passion for social service to create a meaningful impact in the community.


Prajwal Hegde


Prajwal is a student at Westford Academy. From a young age, he has used coding to help people, especially his fellow students. His positive attitude and unwavering perseverance to solve problems have stuck with him since the very beginning. Prajwal has helped XLearn market its service and grow its reach.


Nitish Kaza

Vice President

Nitish is a student at Westford Academy as well. He is very passionate about helping students in school and believes in cooperation among students. Nitish has led our operations and outreach and has helped make our financial decisions. 


Pratham Tallam

Director of Marketing

Pratham is a student at Mansfield High School who is eager to support the community around him. By growing XLearn, he is helping communities across the country learn better together. Pratham has helped lead the outreach and give more families a valuable education platform.


Arun Kodumuru

Director of Networking

Arun is a student at Lexington High School. He has always served his community through volunteering and tutoring that benefits the people around him. Through his communication and organizational relations expertise, he has helped the team reach out to new partners that seek to expand the XLearn initiative as a whole.


Nived Soman

Board Executive

Nived is a student at Westford Academy. He strongly believes in the value of a peer to peer connection to enrich students' learning experience in the community. Nived has helped with outreach and marketing.


Our mission at XLearn is to offer a virtual program that caters to high school students across New England. As a community rising out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeking to provide flexible learning options for all types of passionate learners with the belief that enrichment is best done together.

Our service provides diverse learning options and specifically for individuals who need flexibility, yet still prioritize receiving a high-level education. With help from trained tutors, our students have the opportunity to learn at a pace that works best for them and delve deeply into a wide variety of subjects.

Students Typing at Their Computer

Our Story

How Did it Begin?

We are a group of high school students from Massachusetts. We formed our group and met through the TiE Young Entrepreneurs program. Helping other people is something we’ve always been interested in doing, and with the pandemic, we saw a pressing need for supporting remote education protocols. Taking the initative, we identified a way of helping these students out, offering them peer to peer tutoring with volunteer hours as an incentive for the tutors. This idea quickly evolved into our company, XLearn. Months later, our idea blossomed into a rapidly expanding initiative and won the TYE Boston Pitch Competition. 

Where Are We Now?

Winning this competition gave us a big boost, kickstarting our company and helping us move towards a product launch to help reach more students with low-income families. Through this experience, we’ve learned time and time again the importance of community growth. Watching our students succeed in school by using our platform motivates us to improve our website and make their experience as smooth as possible. All to fulfill our mission to have students join us in our journey to learn better together.